Image Copyright © Ankit Banerjee.

“My mother is an artist, my father is a scientist, brother an architect, and I am confused.”

The magic of growing up in India is that every individual has a unique story to tell. I am an accidental photographer: years back it all started with a serendipitous photo of milk overflowing. Shuffling across several borrowed cameras from supportive friends and family, learning exactly what each technical number meant, to freelancing and travelling over the years, I am Ankit Banerjee, a meticulous data-driven artist curiously wandering through self-discovery by self-expression. Motivated by the bridging power of design and technology in art. With a strong background in Statistics and photography, aiming to work and collaborate with individuals locally and globally in building content that creates value, through innovation pushing the boundaries of my capabilities. My photography forte is documentary, children & family portraits, corporate events, street, travel, and performances. With over 6 years of experience my past clients include Boeing International Co., Microsoft Ventures, TEDxBangalore, INKT Books, Chai Point India, Translate (Handwoven Ikat), Witworks (Blink Smartwatch) , Sofar Sounds Bangalore, Startup Leadership Program, Campus Diaries, MakeMyTrip, and Oodio Studio.

In this softcopy era where a moments captured remains in a digital vault, I love print. To me, it is like my own creation taking a form in front of me like a vinyl for a musician, or a building for an architect. Photos are not just ‘.jpg’ files but they carry moments. I have pictures of people who are no more, traditions that no more exist, buildings that have been demolished and walls that have been destructed. Being a fan of the concept of archiving, In the past one year I have been travelling excessively, building a vast collection of unpublished documentary, travel and landscape photographs for print media.

Academically, I hold a B.Sc. in Economics, Mathematics, and Statistics from St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous). I am also a musician/singer-songwriter training for Grade 6 in Piano under the Trinity College London curriculum. I sing, play guitar, sometimes write plays and act too. Passionate about travel, music, food, and theatre.



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