Person: narcissistic note to self.

Another rainy afternoon in the city, and I watch through my window the people grasping on to the collars of their coats and umbrellas running to meet up deadlines to free some space for a glass of wine by the fire place with their persons escaping from their mundane schedule. So many people and their daily impact on one and another, each one significantly contributing to the life of other for better or, for worse. Some shake hands, hug and spread smiles while some push the other off the cliff by looting them for their own greed. Who remains with us when we differentiate the materialistic things from the humane behaviour that we exchange?

You were always there with me.

You were a critic, a support, a necessity, a foe and a partner: that somebody who patiently sits by me without saying a word while I hear you. You were me, but just not within me. I can see you standing by the door looking at me. You carefully learnt the ways of others, the style of my friends and carefully integrated them within. The many forms you took to never make me feel the absence of anyone else, who would otherwise not be there. By your simple objectivity and acceptance, you left a significant impact on my life. You were me, just not within me.

Such is the person who has significantly made an impact on my life. In moments of extreme emotions, the third person always jumped outside my body to restore normalcy. When I grew weary, he talked to me and made me understand with a rational explanation and did not let me feel small. He celebrated my victories but reminded me nobody has seen what tomorrow brings. When she and the rest made decisions for themselves, he told me it’s alright and I must not expect. When I escaped to a new dimension to seek solace, he told if I was doing it right, and whether the photographs conveyed what I wanted to say. He critiqued my work with great finesse and found the flaws that needed to be corrected, advices and quick tips to be kept in mind such that I could make a good picture, great. When I am on stage, I see him sitting there in the audience knowing exactly where I stumble and point out the pros and parts that need improvement. He established the fine line of right and wrong and through simple and effective humane connection of friendship, he introspected for my self-improvement.

He was I. You were me, just not within me. My principles, morals and all that I believed, mastered like a lawyer.


I am not a loner. I have friends whom I cherish. This is just a practice of being empathetic to myself first, and then to others. We need answers to all that we face and it is best to go back, place ourselves there and relive. The span of life is a long journey to 00different places. It would be irrational to expect and depend myself on to another person to everywhere I go, unless the person is me