If you were to look back on your high school years, what advice would you give to someone beginning his or her high school years?

My high school years have been full of revelations, and the three important ones that shaped my world-view are:

First, question! Always question what you study, question how basic things that surround you work, question beyond the examination, and question to seek your personal truths. Over time, this skill you will help you spark ideas. Asking ‘Why?’ and ‘What if?’ helped me identify the things that I could improve upon. Currently, Quora is my homepage as it helps me interact with people, and increase my understanding on varied issues to a higher plane.

The second is confidence. Acquisition of knowledge will liberate you of fear. You realize that your biggest fears are nothing but illusions. Upon this realization, you are instantly better equipped in your pursuits. This may not be the end of fear, but is the beginning of building character.  

The third is to build a varied friend circle; one that has multiple interests across myriad spheres. This will ensure that you are in a constant cycle of sharing and learning. Further, understand that it is okay to be different from your peers. You must identify friends from acquaintances and build relations that you can save, or that will save you one day.